Angelica Cacciapaglia lives in Milan where she has attended  ‘Liceo Classico’ (high school for classical studies) and where she has achieved a degree in Sociology at the State University of Milano. She has always been very attracted to theatre performances and has followed her first acting course at the age of eleven. During the years of her studies at school and university, acting was just a great passion until she got to realize, after some intense work experiences on stage, that she wanted this activity to become her life.

In 2003 she met in Rome the actress Silvana Bosi and started a collaboration with her working with her company for a few years: La favola del figlio cambiato di L. Pirandello, La sconcertante signora Savage di J. Patrick e Dialoghi con Leucò di C. Pavese.

At the same time she had some important experiences in front of the camera appearing in videoclips that became quite famous in Italy: for the pop groups “ Le Vibrazioni “and  “ Elio e Le Storie Tese”: she also appeared in “Perduto Amor” the first movie shot by the famous Italian singer Franco Battiato.

Between 2006 and 2007 she worked for the Italian television (rai): In the fiction tv “Papa Luciani, il sorriso di Dio” directed by Giorgio Capitani and in the sit com ”Andata e ritorno”. She has also been the protagonist of several commercials for famous Italian brands as Tim, buitoni, clementoni, eastpak and others.

In January 2011 in Milan, she presented on stage, as one of the two main actresses, "Dublin’s Bar" inspired by two stories of  “Dubliners” of J. Joyce. The play will be on stage in Rome in April.

In April 2011 the movie "Pipì Room", directed by Jerry Calà, will come out: in this movie Angelica is the protagonist of the episode Dominion.

She is also working on a music project as a singer for Irma records: a videoclip has been realized and a cd is due to be released in Japan by the company.